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                             WHY STORMSAFE? – THE FIFTY YEAR RESIDENCE

Consider the following points:
- StormSafe Homes exceed local, state and national building codes.
- Energy efficiency is maximized within the construction process and final product.
- StormSafe Homes are principally built in a climate-controlled factory setting  using precise  manufacturing procedures and processes.
- All construction materials, as well as all interior finish materials and products are purchased in volume, providing cost savings.
- Rapid site erection of your home protects the interior materials from weather damage, theft and vandalism.
- StormSafe homes are built and constructed on site by our highly trained work force;  each is a real expert on that portion of the process,  working with precision parts, and under continuous supervision and inspections.
- Your home is fabricated within a factory setting, using sophisticated, powerful precision equipment, so that tight control is assured.
-  With multiple quality control inspections, your residence is in total compliance with our standard of workmanship and building codes.
-  Our quality control philosophy is “right the first time.
- We offer superior energy efficiency, high quality materials, precision building techniques and reduced ownership cost.
-  It is delivered within one to two months from the start of construction to occupancy, and is erected on-site in a “turn-key” condition – ready for immediate occupancy.
- The cost of a StormSafe home delivered from the factory is guaranteed, there will be no surprising cost overruns.