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For homebuilders, the ability to get into and out of a project in a short time period, without significant problems or escalating costs is a highly desirable objective. The ability to avoid unexpected delays, reduce “punch list” items, minimize interest costs, and maintain a stable labor force is equally important. The StormSafe team is acutely aware of such problems and has developed a design and construction process aimed at making home construction as smooth and problem-free as possible.  The process is simple: builders and developers prepare individual building lots with foundations built to StormSafe specifications. Once the site is ready, StormSafe will deliver a home to the site. Each home, built with the aid of cutting edge automation and in factory quality control conditions, is delivered on StormSafe transporters – including exterior and interior wall panels, decking, roofing, etc. Materials are marked at the factory with a code to eliminate any jobsite confusion. StormSafe provides a crane and our own erection crews when the materials are delivered and functions, on site, as the general contractor. The crews are trained and experienced, assuring that each StormSafe home is properly assembled and erected. In most instances, the home can be completed, turn-key in two to three days. Every home delivered to a site is designed and built with the StormSafe/High Strength technologies with a Professional Engineering certification for withstanding 200 MPH winds and/or seismic 8 resistance.