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From its inception as a company, and its objective of providing storm resistant housing for America, StormSafe Homes recognized that in hurricane and tornado prone regions of the country, one of the most significant problems that has no real solution in the matter of evacuating people during disasters. The problem is especially acute in the State of Florida with its unique geographical configuration where a large hurricane can cover nearly the entire state at the same time. There is simply no place to escape the storm, nor is there sufficient road capacity to handle the millions of evacuees who make the effort.  

In order to begin to provide at least some small part of a solution, StormSafe Homes developed a plan for StormSafe Communities, built out with hurricane resistant housing, and supplied with on-site water and electric service should public systems go down during a storm. The objective is to create a “Shelter-In-Place” setting that permits residents to remain safely in their homes, with essential services, thus precluding evacuation to a shelter elsewhere in the community. In addition, the presence of StormSafe homes in a community setting greatly reduces wind-blown storm debris since the homes remain together and do not generate materials that can become airborne and dangerous.  

Another StormSafe Community objective is to work with emergency managers to provide housing for  essential emergency management personnel within StormSafe Communities, insofar as is practical and appropriate, so that they may devote themselves to their important tasks without concern for their family’s safety. StormSafe is in the early stages of developing purchase programs for such workers with sufficient incentives to make the purchase of a StormSafe home a reasonable and economical objective for workers such as law enforcement, medical and fire/rescue personnel