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Effective engineering must contain a strong technology base to assure designs and related decisions have been thoroughly examined and current methods and codes are being applied. We at Stanley engineering have pushed the edge in structures that have the best integration of materials and attachment methods for strength, weight, expected life, thermal resistance, cost and appearance. We have developed and tested new composite combinations to meet and enhance these requirements. A patent was obtained on a building design using fiber reinforced composites that will withstand 250 mph wind loads and contains an excellent thermal resistance.At the same time we have conducted energy, wind load and environmental control analysis with applied equipment for optimum balancing of power consumption on many residential, commercial and industrial enclosures.Our experience portfolio includes,steel, concrete panel and cast-in-place concrete buildings for processes, storage, and institutional applications. Some were turn-key.

Newman E. Stanley P.E. 
President and CEO

Founder and Chairman,Board of Directors

Newman Stanley is President and CEO of Stanley Engineering,Inc and is Managing Director and Technical Director of the Stormsafe Housing Corporation.  Mr. Stanley has spent the preceding five years designing and testing composite structure designs to be used in his patented design for residential and light commercial structures that are resistant to the elements experienced in tropical environments such as wind loads up to 250 mph, seismic forces to level 5,thermal efficiency, light weight, organism resistant, with extended life using recyclable  materials.  His education includes extensive Graduate work at the University of Missouri  (MS Engineering Management) and a BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Alabama with minor in structures and engineering mechanics.  He also taught courses to post graduate students in thermodynamics.  He is registered Professional Engineer in Missouri, Iowa, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  His expertise has qualified him to perform forensic engineering for legal firms on failed or damaged equipment and structures. He worked over 17 years in Aerospace managing various R&D projects,systems, equipment and structures design for long term storage and usage applications of cryogenic liquids.  He holds a patent on a slush hydrogen production process and a structures patent.  During the past 23 years at Stanley Engineering he has continued through 70% completion of one 37 unit residential subdivision on the Intercoastal Waterway in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina and has refurbished his farm and three buildings located on his farm a short distance away.  The 25 ft. tall barn was built using 11,500 square feet of his high strength composite panels.  He is an Air Force veteran and a licensed pilot.